The Team

Connie Taylor
Connie Taylor moved to Cambridge with Andrew her husband in 2008. In her youth she was involved in the Jesus People Movement of the 70s, and has taken short-term outreaches to various places around the world. Connie has a passion for reaching this generation with the love of Jesus and inspiring the body of Christ to give away the Good News of the Gospel. Connie and Andrew have been inspired by the stories of CT Studd and the Cambridge Seven, who inspired a generation of students to go into missions over 130 years ago. Her burden is to see another wave of Cambridge students respond to the Holy Spirit’s call to go to the parts of the world that are still wild and unreached. She has two daughters and her husband Andrew was until recently been a curate in the Church of England.

Andy Henman and family
Andy Henman joined YWAM in Derby where he and his family remained for many years in helping establish and grow the YWAM work, working in many roles over many years he is passionate about family, prayer, revival and life! He moved to Cambridge with his family in response to God’s call to help start a YWAM work in the city. Andy heads our accounts and personnel. He helps coordinate and catalyse prayer among the city’s churches as part of his role for Hope Cambridge.

Peter Prescott
Peter grew up in Asia as a missionary kid. He then came to Cambridge to study Mathematics. And it was here that he encountered God in a powerful way in a little prayer room in his second year. After switching his course to Theology and graduating, Peter was appointed as an evangelist by Cambridge Presbyterian Church with whom he worked for a year before joining YWAM in Harpenden.

Taryn Prescott
Taryn is from India, but having parents in YWAM meant she grew up in quite an international community. She studied English Literature in Delhi, before spending a year working with Delhi Bible Fellowship. She then married Peter and came to England. As well as being able to cook a pleasingly spicy curry, Taryn is also an amazing singer-songwriter.

Mike Askew
Mike and Jane did a Crossroads DTS in 2011 in Kona, Hawaii after Mike’s retirement from a career in IT and have since staffed a Crossroads DTS there, leading an outreach to Cambodia. They have now returned to their home 15 miles south of Cambridge. They have 3 sons and 4 grandchildren. They are active in their parish church, where Mike previously served as churchwarden.

Jane Askew
Married to Mike and leading a youth group with him for 30 years, Jane has been involved with ASK Network, an intercessory prayer network, and has been praying in the kingdom of heaven over the city of Cambridge for many years.

Gary & Caroline Morgan and family
Gary and Caroline head up the amazing Year For God programme; running DTS overseas with a year long placement in Uganda, India and South East Asia. They carry an infectious passion for world Mission (Caroline having been in India for a number of years). Together with their wonderful family they carry a passion for the study of God’s Word through the SBS school, and come with many years experience in missions working at Holmsted Manor with YWAM.

Hannah Mitchell

Simon Hales


Sarah Wickstrom

Danny Wickstrom

Felix & Nancy Hearn

Brooke Larson

Kelli Nelson

Moses Charles