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Outreach team comes to Cambridge

We’ve had a team from YWAM Newcastle with us in Cambridge, these last couple of weeks. Here’s their report:

The week our group arrived in Cambridge, we were instantly immersed into the church community. Through that we were able to meet several people, many of whom wanted us to partner with them for upcoming ministry opportunities. Among those individuals was a couple that run an outreach called Arbury Hot Chocolate. Their goal is to reach the youth in the community of Cambridge. Together they go out on the streets of Cambridge and give out hot chocolate and if presented an opportunity, share the gospel. Once every few months, they put on a night of free pizza with a special guest speaker. When it came time for them to do their pizza night, they realized that they didn’t have anyone to come along and speak.

As they were praying about what to do and whether or not to cancel this month’s event, God gave them our team…

Read the rest here.

A Great Start to the DTS!

Peter, our R&R DTS leader, writes:

We’ve had a great start to the school:
— we’ve again seen immediate fruit in going out on the streets of Cambridge to share the gospel (the first person I spoke to on our very first day of evangelism accepted Christ! — and as well as salvation, we’ve had testimonies of miraculous healing on the street as we’ve prayed for people!)
— we’ve seen our team experience breakthrough in boldly coming before God’s throne of grace in whole-hearted worship, and we were even able to record in our living room some of the new songs that have come out of this past year of worshipping together.
— we have been very blessed by Arbury Road Baptist Church, one of our local north Cambridge churches, with the free use of their facilities for our weekly teaching times. These have included YWAM Mozambique leader Shephen Mbewe speaking on Mission, Rick Wilkerson on Whole-hearted Worship — and I had the privilege of speaking on The Focus of Revival: JESUS, the God-Man.

You can read his whole prayer-letter here.

DTS Outreach To Kenya!

Hannah Mitchell, DTS trainee, writes:
For the last six months we have been living and learning together in our Cambridge DTS ‘Freedom House.’ We’ve been touched and changed by the Holy Spirit as we’ve gathered together for prayer and worship, inspired by the teachings of missionaries from around the world, and encouraged as we’ve witnessed on the streets of Cambridge. Now its time to go further afield!

You can follow the adventures of the team at

Peter & Taryn report from the DTS

This was written by Peter & Taryn.

DTS is going very well. It is a joy to see the trainees learning and growing in leaps and bounds. The teaching has been excellent, and the Lord has been doing a deep work in our hearts. We are enjoying living in community. Seven of the trainees and three staff live together, and our community house is a wonderful ‘pressure cooker’ environment – in the best possible way – in which to grow in love and godly character. We went around the neighbourhood and introduced ourselves to our neighbours, and now a few of them come over regularly for house group – Bible study and snacks! We’ve also recently welcomed another addition to our family – Cornelius Harding. It would normally be too late to join DTS, but God worked it out for Cornelius – nothing is impossible! We’re very glad to have him. We pray and worship together regularly. We start the day by reading the Psalms together and interceding for the Joshua Project unreached people group of the day. Most afternoons, we also have two hours of prayer and worship together in the afternoons. As we spend time together in God’s presence, He seems to iron out all our little differences – we are amazed at and grateful for the incredibly unity in the midst of diversity in our YWAM Cambridge community.

We are growing in boldness and creativity in street evangelism! We have been using gospel bracelets but recently also acquired a battery-powered amplifier, we’ve used for street preaching and sharing testimonies. We’re excited to report that we’ve had about 58 people pray simple salvation prayers with us in just these first few weeks of DTS. We’ve also seen people healed and even a demon cast out!

A neighbour was healed of chronic back pain in our house group! Four siblings from our neighbourhood often come over to our house group on Tuesday evenings – the eldest sister, Abigail, has suffered from chronic back pain for five years! This last Tuesday, the topic we were discussing was prayer. We split into smaller groups to pray for and encourage each other, and our neighbours, who found the idea of ‘hearing the voice of the Lord’ quite novel, were happily surprised to find that God did indeed speak to them! They heard some very accurate words from the Lord, and Peter heard a name, ‘Patricia’, who turned out to be a friend of Abigail’s from whom she was estranged. So we were able to encourage each other, and rejoiced that the Lord does speak! Feeling full of faith, we asked if we could pray for Abigail’s back pain. It was at about a ’6′ on a scale of 6 to 10 (ten being excruciatingly painful), and so we gathered around and began to pray. Once, and it was a four, twice, and it went down to a two, a few more times for specific areas of pain, and hallelujah! The pain was gone completely! Abigail kept testing it for the hour or so that her and her siblings remained, and it was still completely pain-free when she left. The four siblings’ response was one of wonder: ‘we had heard stories of God healing, but never seen it first-hand like this before!’

The House Story Continued

You must be wondering about the outcome of our meeting with Pete, the owner of the million-pound guesthouse, so let’s get straight to it! Our offer was refused. As you might remember, this is what we had set about to say:

“ – We will tell him that we want to buy the property
– We will tell him that we currently have not quite 2% of the necessary finance (…about £18 000)
– We will tell him that we do have a promise confirmed with a specific miracle by a God who is able to do anything
– We will offer him £1 million (tax-inclusive) for the property to be made in two installments: as much as we can afford now, in exchange as well for rental of the building for a year, and the remaining sum in September of next year — trusting that God will indeed provide the thousand £1000s! ”

We received an email from him about a week after the meeting, saying that unfortunately he could not accept our offer because the amount we were offering wasn’t sufficient to pay off his monthly mortgage payments. We are still praying that God would bless Pete and perhaps open that door again in His time. We also felt God reminding us that His house is fundamentally built in ‘people, not places’.

Anyway—that’s the bad news. The good news is that God has provided another house for at least these next seven months, for us to rent together with our six Revival & Reformation DTS trainees. So we are living two miles north of the centre of the city, just off Arbury Road.

We’d not actually realised how much of a challenge it would be for us even just to rent a house in Cambridge—landlords want to rent out to either families, professional sharers, or students, and our missionary community didn’t fit easily in any of those categories. However, after I had had a number of failed phone-calls, another member of our team found (on his first attempt!) a house whose landlord was willing to rent to us.

A few more delays and hiccups followed, but we finally signed the contract for a five-bedroom unfurnished house on Friday 20th September—only two days before the DTS trainees were due to begin arriving! And it is here that we saw God’s supernatural provision, because by the Monday night we had a house furnished with all the beds, cupboards, tables, etcetera that we need. I think the only things that cost us money were a second-hand rug and some cutlery!

YWAM Cambridge House

God has stirred our faith as YWAM Cambridge to ask for one thousand people to partner with us by each giving £1000 towards the purchase of our first discipleship house.

The story of our faith for the finances:
£1 million (a thousand £1000s would make £1 million) is no small sum of money. But– while looking online for a possible place to rent—I saw a sixteen-bedroom guesthouse for sale and I felt God give me faith that to purchase it is possible. As I looked at the price and began to say to myself, ‘It’s perfect—but too expensive’, the verse from Revelation 5:11-12 immediately came to mind:
“I looked and I heard… thousands of thousands, saying with a loud voice, ‘Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honour and glory and blessing…’”.
And I realised that God had already miraculously given myself and my wife the first(!) thousand pounds as a seal of a promise for a big community house in Cambridge:
After spending two weeks leading a summer outreach team in London – during which we were astonished as we saw salvations and healings take place daily — and living together with all twenty of the team squeezed into a former vicarage, we were talking about our mutual desire to live in worshipping gospel-centred community when we moved to Cambridge.
The next morning as I was reading Roman 4’s account of Abraham’s unwavering faith, I felt the Holy Spirit challenge me to believe for a gift of £100 that day as a seal of God’s promise to us of a community house. Immediately unbelief rose in my heart – it’s easier to believe for a house ‘someday’ than for £100 that very same day!
But I repented of my unbelief—and by the end of the day had been given not one hundred but £1000. The giver – not one of our regular supporters – told me that they had given in response to a dream from the Lord: “God told me I should give it to you ‘for the baby’–“, and they explained, “not necessarily a physical ‘baby’, but some project that you’re beginning”.

Initially we didn’t know what to do with this spectacular demonstration of supernatural confirmation – not until six months later, when I saw the guesthouse for sale!

If you want to help, here are four things you could do:
1. Get your free download of Taryn’s new album ‘Those Who Dream’, which is just released in support of this little dream of ours for Cambridge.
2. Pray with us. Set your alarm to 5:11pm and spend a minute declaring Revelation 5:11-12 (that Jesus is worthy!) over Cambridge and the nations each day for the next three weeks.
3. Tell twenty of your Jesus-loving friends about this!
4. Give £1000.

Thanks and God bless!

40+ Salvations In A Day — After 40 Days of Prayer

On the final day of YWAM England’s 40 Days of Prayer for a new missionary movement to come out of this country, we in Cambridge went out to share the simple gospel to the people in town — and saw more than forty people respond in faith and being willing to let us lead them to the Lord in praying a simple prayer confessing their sins, thanking Jesus for dying for them and for rising from the dead, and asking God to fill them with the Holy Spirit.

Could this be the first-fruits of the revival that we’re praying for?

Circuit Riders Norway–here we come!

So it’s official, the whole Revival & Reformation DTS will be going to Norway for their second full week to join the Circuit Riders and take hold of the anointing that they carry. Flights to Norway, accomodation, cost of the Circuit Riders week — all will be covered by your DTS fee.

If you’ve not come into contact with the Circuit Riders before, then check out this inspirational piece of video for a little taste:

As if you didn’t already have enough reason to sign up now for the Revival & Reformation DTS…

Do it now!

We’re having twins!

Announcement: YWAM Cambridge is running a Bible School.

As well as the first ever Revival & Reformation DTS, YWAM Cambridge will also be running another training school this coming September — the Chronological Bible Core Course (CBCC for short).

Cliff & Amaris from have been involved with SBS and Bible teaching with YWAM in California, but have recently felt called to come and be part of all that’s happening in Cambridge.

You can read a bit more about the CBCC at the page here for the school that they’ve been running in LA.

We don’t have an online application set up for this school yet, but please email if you’re interested.

DTS is 9 months

Announcement: the Revival & Reformation DTS will be nine months long.

We spent a day meeting and praying long and hard about this, and we really feel strongly that this is God’s strategy for us. The longer time-frame will allow us to include a greater emphasis on worship and intercession – plus the opportunity to do significant outreach within Cambridge (as well as the necessary overseas outreach).

You can still apply online.

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