The Chronological School of Biblical Studies is a nine month course in which trainees discover the story of God’s love for His people.

All 66 books of the Bible are studied in chronological order.

Trainees learn how to teach and transform nations by going on local outreaches and the option to go on an international outreach at the end of the school.

Come to Cambridge, the city that was the cradle of the English Reformation, to complete a nine month Revival & Reformation Chronological School of Biblical Studies.

We would love you to join us, as we study the bible in depth for nine months. We are passionate about worship, prayer and evangelism. We are praying to see another missions movement across the globe, fuelled by a fresh revelation of God’s word. Come and be part of seeing the word and the Spirit come together in this exciting adventure!

During the school, trainees survey each book and discover the big picture, while also digging into the details, paragraph by paragraph. We place an emphasis on understanding the cultural and historic background of each author and original reader of each book. In C-SBS we also consider where each book fits into the big picture of the Gospel story. Then, the trainee can interpret Scripture with the mindset of the original reader. Finally, that student can take those truths that transcend time and culture, and apply them to their own lives.

As a foundation, C-SBS gives its students hands-on instruction in the principles of observation, interpretation, and application. C-SBS staff will meet weekly with the students to aid in their personal growth, understanding of Scripture, and application of the inductive method.

Below is an outline of the “Inductive Study Method”. You can use this flow to study any book of the Bible in context. Once you have studied the history and culture of the author of each book, and of the people whom the Holy Spirit intended to reach, then you can use this study process:

OBSERVE the text until you “see” the clear meaning of the words.

INTERPRET the most likely message to the ORIGINAL readers (not to you).

APPLY those principles in YOUR life and culture today.

Lather, rinse, and repeat…

This inductive process uses the commonly accepted historical facts surrounding each book of the Bible in order for YOU to develop YOUR OWN well-informed conclusions regarding the most likely meaning of Biblical passages. It’s a “filter” that you can confidently use for the rest of your life.

CSBS Dates & Costs

15 Sep 2022-21 June 2023

£6690 covers teaching, accommodation and food for the whole nine months.

A payment of £2230 is due at the beginning of each the three terms, and a deposit of £500 must be paid 30 days before the start of the school to hold your place (this counts towards your first term's fees).

We encourage developing faith-based relational support and we work in partnership with your local sending church and friends. It's great to have others who believe in your call to missions who can pray and partner with you as you seek to follow God.



If you are from within the EU please make sure you have a reciprocal health form or health insurance. If you are outside the EU please ensure you have fly home health insurance to cover your stay in the UK.