Frequently asked questions

Where will I stay?
All our DTS courses are residential, so food and accommodation is provided.

What visa do I need?
If you are from within the EU then none is needed, outside that (including the USA) please let us know. We will need to help you get the appropriate visa for your stay. Please DO NOT purchase tickets and get a VISA without working with us on this, current UK visa requirements make this very important.

Is there an age-limit? 

DTS is for anyone who loves Jesus, is seeking his Lordship and purpose in life and is at least 18 years old

How much luggage can I bring? 
Be aware some luggage allowances are greater than others. Whatever you bring you need to be able to carry on outreach and be under the European luggage allowance of 19Kg. Probably best to take Jesus’ advice and pack light (cf. Luke 10).

What about health care? 
You will need fly-home medical insurance. If you are from within the EU, please make sure you have a reciprocal health form or health insurance. If you are outside the EU, please ensure you have health insurance with repatriation included to cover your stay in the UK.

Can I bring musical instruments?
Yes! There will definitely be opportunity to use your musical talent during your time with us.

How can I pay?
All fees are to be paid in British Pounds Stirling in 4 parts:
1. a non-refundable room reservation fee of £250 once you’ve been accepted
2. the balance of the lecture phase fees by the end of the first term
3. the cost of flight tickets two months before outreach
4. the outreach phase fee by the end of the lecture phase

You can pay by several methods:

  • Pay cash (UK Stirling) (not through the post, please!)
  • Pay by cheque (payable in UK Stirling and made out to YWAM)
  • Pay by wiring money to us
  • Pay by using the Paypal Facility

For more details email us.

How late can I apply?
Let us know and we will see what we can do in the time… just ask!