Discipleship Training School

Join the movement of radical worship, prayer and mission that is coming together across the nations–
Come and live in our faith-filled international multigenerational missionary community:
Learn from world-class teachers who walk in the supernatural power of which the Bible speaks,
Worship in joyful freedom for two hours each day with all your heart and strength,
Intercede daily for the kingdom of God to come in power (and see the results!),
Practise sharing the love of Jesus together with some of England’s most passionate soul-winners,
Come to the beautiful and historic city of Cambridge
And then take the gospel internationally to those who are still unreached!

Each DTS is designed to do five things:

you to worship, listen to and obey God through evangelism, intercession and acts of compassion.
growth in your relationship with God and Christ-like character.
your ability to relate to, learn from and work with people.
you to serve God’s purposes, in or outside of YWAM.
the vision and foundational values of YWAM and share opportunities for service.

Most mornings during the lecture phase will be spent in the classroom, but with daily prayer and worship and multiple opportunities for weekly evangelism, our DTS will not simply fill your mind with wisdom, it will touch your heart with revelation and empower you to quickly put into practice the things that you learn.

Examples of teaching topics:

Focus of Revival: The Person & Work of Jesus
Secret of Revival: Hearing God’s Voice
Stewarding Revival: Clean Conscience & Fear of the Lord
Cause of Revival: Holy Spirit
Heart of Revival: Father Heart of God
Power of Revival: Prevailing Prayer
Fuel of Revival: Love for the Bible
Many of the members of the YWAM Cambridge team are excellent and inspirational teachers in their own right, but we also invite local ministers and YWAMers from further afield to come and teach.

The lecture phase of the Revival & Reformation DTS is six months long. This gives us more time to partner with God in prayer, worship and outreach unto revival in Cambridge. It also gives us time to explore more of God’s heart for the reformation of society in a way that isn’t possible on a shorter DTS.

Following in the footsteps of the great missionary pioneers, the Cambridge Seven, we love sharing the Good News all around the world. Each DTS spends two months overseas on outreach.

International outreach gives you the opportunity to experience a new culture, the strength and support of being on a team and the opportunity to minister to others in a wide variety of situations in love.

On outreach you could find yourself preaching and performing dramatic sketches of the gospel in local churches, giving Bibles out on the streets, praying for the sick in a government hospital, or teaching in schools — whatever God calls us to do, we will do!


DTS Dates & Costs

We normally run two DTSs a year:

9-month Revival & Reformation DTS
24 September 2018 –  12 June 2019

Lecture Phase (6 months): £3950    Outreach Phase (2 months): £1200 + Flights & Vaccinations

5-month Revival DTS
late March – mid August

Lecture phase (3 months): £2100    Outreach Phase (2 months): £1200 + Flights & Vaccinations

We encourage developing a faith based relational support and we work in partnership with your local sending church and friends. Its great to get other people praying and believing in you and your call to missions as we partner together in seeing the call of God released in your life.


If you are from within the EU please make sure you have a reciprocal health form or health insurance. If you are outside the EU please ensure you have fly home health insurance to cover your stay in the UK.

The name ‘Revival & Reformation’ comes from our desire to press into the heart of God to see him raise up men and women of a Revival heart to bring Reformation to our world. In partnership with Cambridge House of Prayer, our DTSs spend a couple of hours each day in worship and intercession.

The name also refers to the incredible Christian heritage which Cambridge has, and specifically the student Revival and missionary movement triggered by the Cambridge Seven in the late 19th Century and the 16th Century Reformation that began with a group gathering in a Cambridge pub to discuss Luther’s controversial rediscovery of the simple gospel.

You could say that what we want our DTSs to catalyse a Revival of Cambridge’s Reformation-al calling and anointing.


Frequently asked questions

Where will I stay?
All our DTS courses are residential, so food and accommodation is provided.

What visa do I need?
If you are from within the EU then none is needed, outside that (including the USA) please let us know. We will need to help you get the appropriate visa for your stay. Please DO NOT purchase tickets and get a VISA without working with us on this, current UK visa requirements make this very important.

Is there an age-limit? 

DTS is for anyone who loves Jesus, is seeking his Lordship and purpose in life and is at least 18 years old

How much luggage can I bring? 
Be aware some luggage allowances are greater than others. Whatever you bring you need to be able to carry on outreach and be under the European luggage allowance of 19Kg. Probably best to take Jesus’ advice and pack light (cf. Luke 10).

What about health care? 
You need fly home medical insurance. You are likely to be able to receive first treatment care in the UK- but will need medical insurance.

Can I bring musical instruments?
Yes! There will definitely be opportunity to use your musical talent during your time with us.

How can I pay?
All fees are to be paid in British Pounds Stirling in 4 parts:
1. a non-refundable room reservation fee of £250 once you’ve been accepted
2. the balance of the lecture phase fees by the end of the first term
3. the cost of flight tickets two months before outreach
4. the outreach phase fee by the end of the lecture phase

You can pay by several methods:

  • Pay cash (UK Stirling) (not through the post, please!)
  • Pay by cheque (payable in UK Stirling and made out to YWAM)
  • Pay by wiring money to us
  • Pay by using the Paypal Facility

For more details email us.

How late can I apply?
Let us know and we will see what we can do in the time… just ask!