Other good questions

Who is it for?
DTS is for anyone who loves Jesus and is seeking his Lordship and purpose in your life. It is for anyone 18 years old and upwards.

You will need 9 months and a readiness for the adventure of a lifetime in drawing nearer to Jesus and learning to live for him more. Prepare to be stretched and experience more of the reality of Jesus as we draw closer to him together.
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Costs and dates?
Costs to be announced soon but apart from needing to get yourself the Cam-bridge and away again after the a 9 month DTS normally costs around £3950 for the lecture phase (which includes lectures, accommodation, some travel and food). If you are from within the EU please make sure you have a reciprocal health form or health insurance. If you are outside the EU please ensure you have fly home health insurance to cover your stay in the UK.

Add to that flights to outreach, vaccination costs and outreach costs depending on outreach locations. We’ll be following the steps of CT Studd in going to India, China and Africa. Full details and costs announced on DTS but likely to be around £1500-2000 depending on location.

We encourage developing a faith based relational support and we work in partnership with your local sending church and friends. Its great to get other people praying and believing in you and your call to missions as we partner together in seeing the call of God released in your life.

Where will we go for outreach?
We will be following in the footsteps of the great missions pioneers from Cambridge- the Cam-bridge seven who helped trigger a major missions move in their time. Most closely we will follow the steps of CT Studd who went to China, India and Africa.

Your overseas mission time will give you time to experience another culture from your own, the strength and support of being in a team together and opportunity to minister and reach out to others in love in a wide variety of situations.