Our ministry is called to focus in four directions:

  • Touching the heart of heaven in worship and prayer (Upward)
  • Training (Inward)
  • Local (Outward)
  • International (Away)
  • These are the sorts of things we would like to see YWAM be doing in Cambridge:

    Worship & Prayer

    YWAM Cambridge is called to be part of pioneering a Cambridge House of Prayer. Our vision is to see 24/7 night and day prayer established by 2020.

    The next step towards 24/7 night and day prayer will be praying for two hours each day as part of the rhythm of our R&R DTS schedule. We then want to recruit dedicated musicians and intercessors — with a team of forty we should be able to sustainably cover the whole of the week.


    As we gather musicians focussed on worshipping God with all of their hearts, the natural overflow is likely to be new songs! The encouraging, recording and distributing of these new songs must be part of what we do.

    Taryn has already produced a number of recordings available for free download.


    High-impact street evangelism, drawing people in with compelling performance (dance, music, open-air preaching, testimonies, art, other creative methods) and giving them high-quality literature (simple, true, well-designed tracts; etc.)
    Focussed on students (Cambridge; Anglia Ruskin; language schools), on locals, on tourists; on Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists; on (uniting and edifying) Christians.
    Partnering with local churches and other Christian ministries: “iron sharpens iron”.

    Going also into other towns and cities, in part towards the aim of multiplying R&R DTSes.

    Call of the Wild (Summer Outreach)

    Taking summer teams of students in cross-cultural mission to unreached places in the spirit of CT Studd.

    Planting Fresh Expressions of the Body of Christ

    Gathering those who respond to our evangelism into house-groups for simple discipleship courses followed by Biblical learning and obedience.

    Sharing experience and knowledge gained with local churches to help them multiply home groups and plant other churches.

    We want to see a church-planting movement spreading from Cambridge through England across Europe throughout the world.

    Acts of Mercy

    Jesus says, “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me”

    In Cambridge, we have a number of opportunities to serve Jesus by serving people disadvantaged in various ways: Barnwell, Besom, homeless, nursing home, prison visiting.

    Get Political

    Like Wilberforce, we want to influence government.
    Encourage a culture of political petitioning, letter-writing Amnesty-style.
    We could go and pray in Parliament.
    Confident Christian engagement in the political realm.
    Britain is constitutionally a Christian nation!
    Issues: freedom of conscience, trafficking, abortion, marriage, poverty, arms trade, anything it seems God might care about.

    Hosting teams

    Hospitality is one of YWAM’s Foundational Values, as well as an unavoidable Biblical command. The better we do this, the more evangelists we will be able to invite to our city!

    To inspire them with the missionary heritage of Cambridge, to share with them our burden and show how it can be easily multiplied to wherever they are, to give them the opportunity to reach out to the many segments of Cambridge society, to invite them to join us in the work we are doing.