Hosting teams

We love receiving visiting outreach teams here in Cambridge.

Come and join us for a while!


Cambridge is a brilliant location to come and do outreach.  There are lots of opportunities for outreach here in the city and certainly lots of people to meet.   We have had a number of visiting teams come and experience breakthroughs in leading folks to Christ, healings, praying, worship and experiencing the fire of prayer for revival.  We have some great links with local churches and organisations to work with so that the work we are doing carries on past your visit.  Is God calling you to come to Cambridge?

We want to inspire you with the missionary heritage of Cambridge, to share with you our burden and show how it can be easily multiplied to wherever they are.  Come for a day, a week, or a month – just send us an email to tell us you’re coming!

Read about some of the experiences of previous short-term outreaches in Cambridge here and here.

If you are a YWAM location or a church group we’d love to hear from you please email us.

What else might you need to know?


1.   To visit the UK if you are not an EU citizen you will need a VISA to visit.

Why?  This is because you are working with YWAM and not just here for a holiday.  Please do not try and enter on a visitor/tourist VISA as you will be hosted and working with us, our friendly VISA folks need to know who is coming in and why, so its our integrity as an organisation too.  You will most likely be asked at the airport and some teams have been returned if they have not got the right VISA.  So…please let us know and we’ll let you know the fairly simple steps to get the right VISA for your visit.  We have done this a number of times for teams, if God is calling you lets go for it!

2. Your team will need child protection checks and training.

This is not as daunting as it may sound but standard for the UK with any group working with kids or vulnerable adults.  It involves a background check and some training we do with you.  We can do the checks before you come and they are mostly super easy (cheer cheer the internet!) and some training when you get here.

3. Costs for staying, food and accommodation.

Cambridge is an expensive city to live in (a bit like London) but we are committed to trying to keep costs as affordable as possible.  If you budget around £13 per person per day for food and accommodation thats a good guide.  We have two houses that we are presently renting and using (a guys house and a girls house) but we also know a few folks in our beautiful town and can ask about.  Our main community is

4. How do we get there?

Getting to Cambridge is fairly easy… and can be affordable too.  To get to us from an airport its best and cheapest to use a National Express coach.  We recommend booking ahead your tickets (its cheaper) but please allow 2 hours from arrival before the coach departs to clear customs etc.   Most coaches go to London first then over to us.  Please let us know when you’re coming and we’ll try to arrange a pick up from the coach station.  If we can’t then its usually £10 per taxi to our houses which usually can take 4-6 people and luggage too.

5. How do we get round and about?

Cambridge is a fairly small city of around 126,000 people… but its growing.  Cambridge is a biking city- being flat and fairly compact!  So the easiest way around is on bike… we have some and if they are available (i.e. no-one else is using them) we’ll lend them to you after we have helping you know about UK roads!  Another option is to use the buses… a day pass will cost around £3.30, a week £12.50 and a month £43.  Please see buses.

6. What else is there to see and do?

Loads!!!!!  Cambridge is a famous and historical city.  A walk down the river Cam is a beautiful thing, punting is the best way to see the colleges via the ‘backs’ and costs around £25 per hour for a post (which takes up to 6).  Try this link to see what is around.. There are numerous museums, churches, shopping centres and a great rail link to London.