YWAM Cambridge House
June 27, 2013

God has stirred our faith as YWAM Cambridge to ask for one thousand people to partner with us by each giving £1000 towards the purchase of our first discipleship house.

The story of our faith for the finances:
£1 million (a thousand £1000s would make £1 million) is no small sum of money. But– while looking online for a possible place to rent—I saw a sixteen-bedroom guesthouse for sale and I felt God give me faith that to purchase it is possible. As I looked at the price and began to say to myself, ‘It’s perfect—but too expensive’, the verse from Revelation 5:11-12 immediately came to mind:
“I looked and I heard… thousands of thousands, saying with a loud voice, ‘Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honour and glory and blessing…’”.
And I realised that God had already miraculously given myself and my wife the first(!) thousand pounds as a seal of a promise for a big community house in Cambridge:
After spending two weeks leading a summer outreach team in London – during which we were astonished as we saw salvations and healings take place daily — and living together with all twenty of the team squeezed into a former vicarage, we were talking about our mutual desire to live in worshipping gospel-centred community when we moved to Cambridge.
The next morning as I was reading Roman 4’s account of Abraham’s unwavering faith, I felt the Holy Spirit challenge me to believe for a gift of £100 that day as a seal of God’s promise to us of a community house. Immediately unbelief rose in my heart – it’s easier to believe for a house ‘someday’ than for £100 that very same day!
But I repented of my unbelief—and by the end of the day had been given not one hundred but £1000. The giver – not one of our regular supporters – told me that they had given in response to a dream from the Lord: “God told me I should give it to you ‘for the baby’–“, and they explained, “not necessarily a physical ‘baby’, but some project that you’re beginning”.

Initially we didn’t know what to do with this spectacular demonstration of supernatural confirmation – not until six months later, when I saw the guesthouse for sale!

If you want to help, here are four things you could do:
1. Get your free download of Taryn’s new album ‘Those Who Dream’, which is just released in support of this little dream of ours for Cambridge.
2. Pray with us. Set your alarm to 5:11pm and spend a minute declaring Revelation 5:11-12 (that Jesus is worthy!) over Cambridge and the nations each day for the next three weeks.
3. Tell twenty of your Jesus-loving friends about this!
4. Give £1000.

Thanks and God bless!

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