The House Story Continued
October 3, 2013

You must be wondering about the outcome of our meeting with Pete, the owner of the million-pound guesthouse, so let’s get straight to it! Our offer was refused. As you might remember, this is what we had set about to say:

“ – We will tell him that we want to buy the property
– We will tell him that we currently have not quite 2% of the necessary finance (…about £18 000)
– We will tell him that we do have a promise confirmed with a specific miracle by a God who is able to do anything
– We will offer him £1 million (tax-inclusive) for the property to be made in two installments: as much as we can afford now, in exchange as well for rental of the building for a year, and the remaining sum in September of next year — trusting that God will indeed provide the thousand £1000s! ”

We received an email from him about a week after the meeting, saying that unfortunately he could not accept our offer because the amount we were offering wasn’t sufficient to pay off his monthly mortgage payments. We are still praying that God would bless Pete and perhaps open that door again in His time. We also felt God reminding us that His house is fundamentally built in ‘people, not places’.

Anyway—that’s the bad news. The good news is that God has provided another house for at least these next seven months, for us to rent together with our six Revival & Reformation DTS trainees. So we are living two miles north of the centre of the city, just off Arbury Road.

We’d not actually realised how much of a challenge it would be for us even just to rent a house in Cambridge—landlords want to rent out to either families, professional sharers, or students, and our missionary community didn’t fit easily in any of those categories. However, after I had had a number of failed phone-calls, another member of our team found (on his first attempt!) a house whose landlord was willing to rent to us.

A few more delays and hiccups followed, but we finally signed the contract for a five-bedroom unfurnished house on Friday 20th September—only two days before the DTS trainees were due to begin arriving! And it is here that we saw God’s supernatural provision, because by the Monday night we had a house furnished with all the beds, cupboards, tables, etcetera that we need. I think the only things that cost us money were a second-hand rug and some cutlery!

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