Financial assistance for trainees from developing nations

Listing of Countries by Per Capita Income

The University of the Nations International, using information supplied by the United Nations and other sources, classifies countries into three categories (A, B and C) based on their per capita income.

Financial categories of Nations List


Financial support for trainees from developing nations

Individuals from Category B or C nations accepted onto one of our training programmes may apply for a discount, subject to availability and conditions. Trainees from category B nations may apply for up to 15 % off, and those from category C nations may apply for up to 30 % off the fees stated on our website.

These discounts only apply to Cambridge-based training phases and not to outreaches, field assignments, flights or visas.

Please note that while all trainees from category B and C nations are eligible to apply for these discounts, we assess the financial situation of each individual before deciding on an outcome.