YWAMer application process

The application process is simple (but involves a few forms!).

All forms once complete should be emailed to personnel@ywamcambridge.org
      1. Please download and fill out the following forms:
      2. Return completed forms together with a copy of your DTS certificate by email to personnel or post
      3. Please send links to the following reference forms to the relevant people:
      4. Once we’ve received your application form and references we’ll arrange a video call interview.
      5. Following that, we’ll review your application.  If then we feel you are suited to us, and us to you, we’ll ask for a few more bits of paperwork.
      6. We will then advise you on how to apply for a visa if you need one to join us.
        Please do not book a ticket until you’ve received your visa if you need one
         Also please do not begin applying for a visa without first receiving instruction from us about how to do that.

        If you need help with any of this, please contact us.